Like it so far?

The Delta Virtual will always be free. No pilot is ever expected to donate money to the VA.

But the reality is that running a VA can be expensive. We have done an amazing job reducing our costs on web services, domain name, servers…but there is still a cost there.

The VA has been paid for by donations from the Administrative Team. As part of our monthly costs, we incur costs for:
In the coming months, we want to expand on this:
And we would like to grow by advertising in various high-profile areas other flight sim members frequent to help us grow. Advertising is expensive (do you know it costs US$1200 to run a 1” by 2” header for 30 days on
We are the best Virtual Airline in existence, and it is time for us to let the world know we are here. Maybe give them the chance to find out how great a VA experience can be. We can do it with your help.
If you have the means, please consider donating to The Delta Virtual. Every penny helps, and we appreciate your support in us and in our The Delta Virtual.